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                Fort Duffield Walking Tour Brochure
                      - Set your own pace with the self-guided walking tour brochure.  On your visit to Fort Duffield, you will experience
                        a panoramic view of historic West Point looking across the beautiful Ohio River to the scenic hills of Southern
                        Indiana.  Visit the serene gardens of Fort Duffield Memorial Cemetery which pays tribute to the men who died
                        building the fort or while at West Point.  This impregnable fortress, some 300 feet above the city was never
                        challenged.  However, its strategic position no doubt played an important roll in the Civil War in Kentucky.  
                        Witness the ongoing restoration of one of Kentucky's nearly forgotten Civil War treasures.

                Fort Duffield Hiking & Mountain Biking Trails Map Brochure
                      - 10 Miles of Nationally Acclaimed Mountain Bike Trails for Experienced Riders and Challenging Hiking Trails.

                Fort Duffield History Brochure
                      - Fort Duffield is Kentucky's Largest and Best Preserved Earthen Fortification.  It is on the National Register of
                        Historic Places and the American Battlefield Trust's Heritage Sites.

                Fort Duffield Rack Card
                      - Union Stronghold at the Mouth of Salt River.

                Kentucky Civil War Sites Rack Card
                      - Preserving the Sites and Stories of the Civil War in Kentucky.


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